Year of the sheep/goat

  My coworker gave me yuan for Chinese new year. She said it’s to add to my foreign money collection.  She’s really sweet. This also once again proves other countries have prettier money than America. Anyways, I hope anyone who is celebrating new year is having a great one!



A comic book artist, heart-shaped pizza, and gay dads, it must be Valentine’s day!

Valentine’s day. A day of flowers that wilt in a week and heart shaped chocolate boxes that contain half of flavors you won’t even like. Not this valentine’s day though. Josh, my manfriend, always has absolutely no idea what to do with gifts, he never plans anything, so he put it on me to figure it out. He decided to say this day is all about you so what do you want to do today. That’s not really romantic but it also allows me to choose whatever without having the risk of it being shutdown so, I’m all about it. I think valentine’s day is for the couple to enjoy not just one person in the relationship. I tried to pick something we would both end up liking.

First up was Fan day. Indy Comic Con had a fan day on Valentine’s day, they set up four different comic book artist at four different locations in Indianapolis, Indiana. We went to the one for Keith Pollard. He is known for his work with Marvel for The Amazing Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, and Thor. We arrived at Comic Carnival, the comic book store, and he was already sketching heroes for people and chatting with them. He was a down to Earth guy and was genuinely happy to do this event for fans. Keith chatted with everyone answering questions such as when did he get started, his first comic, what superhero he would want to be, and who he wouldn’t want to be. He said he wouldn’t want to be Batman because he’s never happy which I completely agree with.

It was my turn. Keith asked me if I wanted a sketch and what I wanted a sketch of. I thought about Black Cat or Thor but I decided to take a chance and say Misty Knight. He looked stunned and amused. Keith said his best friend Arvell Jones drew Misty and that he would like to do his own version of her for me. He gave me contact info for Arvell and said to let him know that he sent me and maybe I would end up with two sketches of Misty. He was having trouble with her bionic arm be it came out perfect to me and I fangirled so hard.

The comic book store also had a Mystic Seer replica from the Twilight Zone and I freaked out about that. I’m a huge twilight zone fan and I really wanted it but it was a little over $300 so maybe I’ll save up for that.


Later, I didn’t want to go out to dinner because it was freezing out, I know the wait on valentine’s day would be ridiculous, and I’m not the biggest fan of crowds. Instead we stopped by the grocery store, grabbed a couple bottles of wine, ordered a heart-shaped pizza from Pizza Hut, and watched movies. We ended up watching Fried Green Tomatoes and The Birdcage. Josh had never seen the Birdcage but seeing Robin Williams and Nathan Lane as a couple is a treat in itself. We were going to play Epic Mickey 2 but we were too lazy.


It was a pretty great Valentine’s day!


I wonder how many people have failed at their resolutions so far? I also wonder how many have made the same one as the past years. Where’s the fun in making a resolution if it’s only going to stress you out. I’m a chubby girl and I can go with the quintessential lose weight because this year is different routine or go with something I actually look forward to.

I know it’s February but I’m still going to share with you all what mine are. I only made two resolutions for this year. The first is to actually finish the 52 week money challenge. The challenge is saving money each week according to what number of the week it is so $1 on week 1, $2 on week 2, $3 on week 3, and so on. Then at the end of the year you have $1,378 to treat yo’ self!

52 mc2

The second is to do something fun every month. I figured having something to look forward to each month will not only be fun but also help with my depression. Last month I saw Beauty and the Beast the musical and this month I met Keith Pollard who is a comic book artist and he drew me one of my favorite heroes but that’s a story for another day.



If you have resolutions, how are they going?

Foreign money

  Working at an office of a well known university I come in contact with people from all over the world. A student came by to put money on his id card. We only accept cash or check in our office. So he gives me cash and was about to hand me cash from his country as well, I told him we can’t accept that and he jokingly says I know. I add the money to his id card and I hand it back to him. He then hands me money from his country of Guatemala and says “I want you to have a little piece of my country”, smiles, and tells me to have a good day. So far this is one of the most random yet awesome things that’s happened at work.
I showed my manfriend it and he then gives me a piece of money from the Ukraine.

So now I have something from the Ukraine and Guatemala without even traveling there! A girl from work who is from China said that she might bring me a piece of Chinese money for Chinese new year and that I can start a collection. I love learning more about other cultures but I haven’t encountered any other forms of currency until recently. It makes me wonder why are other currencies so much prettier than American currency.

Planet fitness

Planet fitness is kind of like a friend who builds you up but gives little ways for you to fail. Josh(manfriend) and I went to planet fitness before dinner tonight. Planet fitness is nice because it’s spacious and has plenty of equipment. We went and the same two people who we’ve had before were at the front desk. It was a guy and a girl, we call them tweedledee and tweedledum. The guy had the top half of his body sprawled out across the counter. He looked high or just simply not there like a blank stare face with nobody home in that head of his. We’ve seen him like that before so we decided he’s just an odd guy. The girl had the most judgmental face when you walk in and she’s not exactly friendly. We have been before when there was a different guy and he was really nice and gave us advice on how to build muscle which was a refreshing change from dumb and dumber tweedledee and tweedledum.

We did our workout and came across a sign for pizza night and bagel tuesday. Also at the main desk is a bowl of frooties and toostie rolls. Why? No really why? This gym has some pretty great aspects to it but really needs to hit the lunk alarm on itself for promoting bad eating at a gym.


“We ain’t letting no snow stop us.”

C.S. Lewis once said, “Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: “What! You too? I thought I was the only one.”  I have been fortunate enough to encounter less than a handful of people of whom I felt we have known each other our whole lives when it’s only been a few years one being my best friend/roommate Crystal. We have never stated that we are best friends but I’d like to think it goes without saying. She’s one of the only people I know that truly understands how seasonal affective disorder and depression can be hard on a person. We are pretty much identical with our ways of thinking although sometimes when she’s being pessimistic then I’m the optimistic one and vice versa. I guess that’s how we keep the balance in our friendship. We also have had many times when we would say “I thought I was the only one! ” but now we pretty much just say “girl you know I know”. We also have an unspoken judgement free friendship which is great.

Pizza is the one food item that no matter what the reason is we will both pretty much say yes to in a heartbeat. The love of pizza is so strong that Crystal has told me that if she were to die in the apartment because I made her laugh while eating or drinking something; to order a cheese pizza with jalapenos and place it next to her lifeless body. Is this a bit much? Maybe, but it’s how we work so of course I’m going to do it. Also. I can’t go against a verbal contract, my conscious won’t allow it.

The pizza love is so strong that we went into a snow storm to get some. When I realized how bad it was snowing I asked her if we were still getting it and Crystal basically said yes. She is from Chicago so the snow never bothers her anyways. Oh no, I can’t let the freaking Frozen song get stuck in my head, must resist! Anyhow, when we arrived at the pizza place the guy checked our pizzas and noticed that Crystal’s didn’t look great and made her a new one but let her keep both. It was the first time I can honestly say I was upset with how nice my pizza looked.

*Here are some texts we exchanged before ordering. Enjoy!


Strip club turned coffee shop

A coffee shop that use to be a strip club? My friend Crystal and I decided this year we are going to discover small businesses in town that we’ve never been to. Our first stop was a coffee shop called Sacred Grounds. We would have never realized it existed if it wasn’t for yelp mainly because it’s in an area that we don’t frequent.

I’m easily amused by anything that’s cute, not overwhelming, and makes you feel at home.  When you first walk in you are on the coffee shop side and if you want you can walk to the dining area, we stayed on the coffee shop side. Crystal ordered a coffee and I got the milky way. I don’t like the candy bar but I loved this drink!

Crystal left to go to the bathroom after she ordered which left me alone waiting for my drink. Crystal likes to jokingly say that I make a friend everywhere we go which is kind of true I have to admit. While waiting the guy making my drink (the manager I believe) told me about how the coffee shop use to be a strip club but it was bought to by a church and made into what it is now. You do see the religious aspect everywhere in the building. The table we sat at had pages from the book of John on it, there were crosses, a jesus sign, and other things that were either from the bible or correlate with Christianity.

The manager also told me that they have signed bands typically from Nashville that play every month. So we decided one day we would have to check one out. Crystal and I found a table (the book of John table) that was in a corner up the stairs. We loved that table because we could see everything, feel like we were in our own v.i.p. area and there is a lampshade made out of bottle caps beside our table. I know that amused me like no other. Even if you aren’t religious you can’t deny how great this coffee shop is once you’ve been in it unlike other coffee shops there was a sense of calm in Sacred Grounds.


S.A.D. and a blog

Disclaimer: The beginning of this post does start off mentioning my experience with depression if that’s a trigger for you I wouldn’t read this.

  The earliest I remember having the feeling of I don’t belong in this world and being so angry when I woke up still breathing is six years old. The oldest I saw myself being alive was 22 years old I figured I would kill myself before then. I have had this constant battle against my enemy, depression. I could be surrounded by my friends or family members and still feel alone. I was/still am very much an introverted person. It’s sometimes hard for me to connect with people.

 Those feelings and thoughts contributed to my depression. My depression is always worst in the winter. Alongside anxiety and depression I have seasonal affective disorder (SAD). I hate the way I feel on depression medication so I stopped taking them and looked into other alternatives.

 Light therapy is my current way of handling my disorder. I do a session of thirty minutes or longer a day in a room with an artificial light box either once or twice a day. I’ve been really responding well to it! Alongside therapy I’ve been exercising more to keep my serotonin levels up.

  What does all of this have to do with my blog? Well, I’m using this blog as a way to realize the positive aspects in my life and share it with you all. Whether it’s finding a new recipe, crafting something, writing about something new I discovered that day, or anything else in my life. As long as it’s positive I want to write it here just to have something to look at when I feel the rush of negative thoughts or bad moments in my life.

 Why the name Jubilee and a cup of tea? Jubilee is an occasion of rejoicing or festivity and I enjoy the word because it sounds like the most fun you’ll ever have. The “cup of tea part” is mainly because I’m a tea addict (I have a shelf just for tea in my cabinet) and it rhymed haha. I hope you enjoy the journey I’m going on this year and all the positive aspects of it.

I look forward to sharing it with you!

Brittany 🙂

Baking up some cauliflower

Every once in awhile I’m in the mood for some baked cauliflower. Here is what I usually do.

What you’ll need:

1 head of cauliflower

3 tbsp olive oil

1/3 cup grated parmesan cheese

black pepper


Step 1: Chop into florets. Meanwhile set your oven to 450 degrees F.

Step 2: Measure out 3 tbsp of olive oil

Step 3: Toss cauliflower with the olive oil

Step 4: Place on a baking tray. I used a Silpat (it’s just easier to clean). Feel free to add salt and pepper before placing in the oven. Bake for 25 minutes, stir halfway through.

Step 5: I ended up using half of the 1/3 cup of Parmesan because the head of cauliflower was smaller. Top the cauliflower with Parmesan cheese and broil for 5 min until golden brown.


for blog