Pen pal?

I want to remember what snail mail is really like. I want the thrill of looking into a mailbox and being excited that there is mail for me. Does anyone remember highlights and Nickelodeon magazine? I was overwhelmed with excitement as a kid to get those. Oh, the good times…

Now, as an adult there isn’t much enjoyment with magazine subscriptions. They are all either telling how to lose x amount of weight in 7 days or how to please my man. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Every since I was a kid I always wanted a pen pal. My mom wouldn’t allow it because she saw too many things about some creep preying on children and finding out where they live. She had a valid point, people can be sketchy but I still always wondered what writing to a complete stranger would be like. How long would that person be a stranger to me? When would they be a friend? How long would we keep in touch? Would we ever meet?

Have any of you ever had a pen pal? If you happen to know of a site to meet a pen pal, feel free to let me know! Also if you are thinking Brittany don’t write to strangers and get yourself a subscription box haha, let me know what subscription boxes you are into.

Hope you’re having a wonderful day!

ūüôā Brittany


Photo 101 Day 16: Treasure & Close-up


A token for the carousel at the Indianapolis Children’s Museum is my treasure.

A couple weeks ago I went with my boyfriend Josh, his coworkers, and their kid to the children’s museum. We had a great time, ended the day with ride on the carousel, and we were way more amused with it than the kids on the ride.


Katniss and her side chick: The Album

The other day was my roommate/best friend’s (Crystal) birthday. She has a love and hate relationship with my cat, Katniss. Crystal is allergic to Katniss but since Katniss was there first so Crystal takes allergy meds to cope with it. Katniss is pretty much infatuated with Crystal. She like to be around her, gets upset if she goes out with friends and doesn’t come home until morning, and cranky if she doesn’t give her attention.

Sometimes I like to capture the both of them when they are hanging out together or dedicate a song from Katniss to Crystal. Of course this is purely for my own amusement. I joked with Crystal that Katniss was going to make Crystal a cd for her birthday. Crystal thought this was just a joke but oh no, this really happened. I present to you Katniss and Crystal the album!






The inside has a picture of the two, happy together on the couch. On the side is a “for when I” list from Katniss to Crystal. The “for when I” list matches with the song list on the back cover.

Katniss’s “for when I” ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†The Song

1. For when I know you’re coming home ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†Drake – Hold on

2. For when I close my eyes                  Lana del Rey- Dark Paradise

3. For when I need love         Tokio Hotel- Love who loves you back

4. For when I am clingy             Disclosure- Latch

5. For when I feel you pet me           Snoop Dogg- Sensual Seduction

6.  For when I waste time with you                Foster the People- Waste

7. For when I miss you                               Blink 182- Miss you

8.  For when I mess up                      Puddle of Mudd- She hates me

9.  For when I wait like a statue               Audioslave- Like a Stone

10. For when I am in the corner        Robyn- Dancing on my own

Crystal and I also call Katniss potato since she’s brown and chubby so I put potato records as the record company. Crystal laughed pretty hard at that. All in all as much as Crystal didn’t want to fully appreciate this gift, she enjoyed it and I got a kick out of it too haha!

A comic book artist, heart-shaped pizza, and gay dads, it must be Valentine’s day!

Valentine’s day. A day of flowers that wilt in a week and heart shaped chocolate boxes that contain half of flavors you won’t even like. Not this valentine’s day though. Josh, my manfriend, always has absolutely no idea what to do with gifts, he never plans anything, so he put it on me to figure it out. He decided to say this day is all about you so what do you want to do today. That’s not really romantic but it also allows me to choose whatever without having the risk of it being shutdown so, I’m all about it. I think valentine’s day is for the couple to enjoy not just one person in the relationship. I tried to pick something we would both end up liking.

First up was Fan day. Indy Comic Con had a fan day on Valentine’s day, they set up four different comic book artist at four different locations in Indianapolis, Indiana. We went to the one for Keith Pollard. He is known for his work with Marvel for The Amazing Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, and Thor. We arrived at Comic Carnival, the comic book store, and he was already sketching heroes for people and chatting with them. He was a down to Earth guy and was genuinely happy to do this event for fans. Keith chatted with everyone answering questions such as when did he get started, his first comic, what superhero he would want to be, and who he wouldn’t want to be. He said he wouldn’t want to be Batman because he’s never happy which I completely agree with.

It was my turn. Keith asked me if I wanted a sketch and what I wanted a sketch of. I thought about Black Cat or Thor but I decided to take a chance and say Misty Knight. He looked stunned and amused. Keith said his best friend Arvell Jones drew Misty and that he would like to do his own version of her for me. He gave me contact info for Arvell and said to let him know that he sent me and maybe I would end up with two sketches of Misty. He was having trouble with her bionic arm be it came out perfect to me and I fangirled so hard.

The comic book store also had a Mystic Seer replica from the Twilight Zone and I freaked out about that. I’m a huge twilight zone fan and I really wanted it but it was a little over $300 so maybe I’ll save up for that.


Later, I didn’t want to go out to dinner because it was freezing out, I know the wait on valentine’s day would be ridiculous, and I’m not the biggest fan of crowds. Instead we stopped by the grocery store, grabbed a couple bottles of wine, ordered a heart-shaped pizza from Pizza Hut, and watched movies. We ended up watching Fried Green Tomatoes and The Birdcage. Josh had never seen the Birdcage but seeing Robin Williams and Nathan Lane as a couple is a treat in itself. We were going to play Epic Mickey 2 but we were too lazy.


It was a pretty great Valentine’s day!


I wonder how many people have failed at their resolutions so far? I also wonder how many have made the same one as the past years. Where’s the fun in making a resolution if it’s only going to stress you out. I’m a chubby girl and I can go with the quintessential lose weight because this year is different routine or go with something I actually look forward to.

I know it’s February but I’m still going to share with you all what mine are. I only made two resolutions for this year. The first is to actually finish the 52 week money challenge. The challenge is saving money each week according to what number of the week it is so $1 on week 1, $2 on week 2, $3 on week 3, and so on. Then at the end of the year you have $1,378 to treat yo’ self!

52 mc2

The second is to do something fun every month. I figured having something to look forward to each month will not only be fun but also help with my depression. Last month I saw Beauty and the Beast the musical and this month I met Keith Pollard who is a comic book artist and he drew me one of my favorite heroes but that’s a story for another day.



If you have resolutions, how are they going?