What is home? photo 101: day 1

“Make yourself feel at home”, is what we tell people when they are a guest in your house. I’ve never felt at home in the sense of this is my hometown since I’ve moved so much. Home isn’t a physical place to me. Since I’ve battled depression a majority of my life “home” certainly wasn’t a mental state of being for me.

I consider home to be when I feel peace and happiness.  Although I have a family that cares about me home is not with them. I have a boyfriend that loves me but home is not fully with him either. Home is where unconditional love is and although my boyfriend and my family are great home wouldn’t be nearly home for me without my cat, Katniss. She is simply the best little fluff ball and always puts me at ease when this world feels like too much.


One day I’m hoping that home is within my own mind but as I continue to work on that, for now home is where the cat is.


6 thoughts on “What is home? photo 101: day 1

  1. Love love love how you played with lighting here! I like how the photo’s entirely focused on Katniss and the background is just plain shadows.

    I’m sure you’ll one day feel at home within your own mind. I feel the same way; we’ll just have to keep at it ❤


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  2. Interesting but of synchronicity…. an hour or so ago I jotted down a tentative title for my home post… “home is where the cat is…” I. Named it something else. I love it when great minds think alike….. lol

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