Foreign money

  Working at an office of a well known university I come in contact with people from all over the world. A student came by to put money on his id card. We only accept cash or check in our office. So he gives me cash and was about to hand me cash from his country as well, I told him we can’t accept that and he jokingly says I know. I add the money to his id card and I hand it back to him. He then hands me money from his country of Guatemala and says “I want you to have a little piece of my country”, smiles, and tells me to have a good day. So far this is one of the most random yet awesome things that’s happened at work.
I showed my manfriend it and he then gives me a piece of money from the Ukraine.

So now I have something from the Ukraine and Guatemala without even traveling there! A girl from work who is from China said that she might bring me a piece of Chinese money for Chinese new year and that I can start a collection. I love learning more about other cultures but I haven’t encountered any other forms of currency until recently. It makes me wonder why are other currencies so much prettier than American currency.


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