Planet fitness

Planet fitness is kind of like a friend who builds you up but gives little ways for you to fail. Josh(manfriend) and I went to planet fitness before dinner tonight. Planet fitness is nice because it’s spacious and has plenty of equipment. We went and the same two people who we’ve had before were at the front desk. It was a guy and a girl, we call them tweedledee and tweedledum. The guy had the top half of his body sprawled out across the counter. He looked high or just simply not there like a blank stare face with nobody home in that head of his. We’ve seen him like that before so we decided he’s just an odd guy. The girl had the most judgmental face when you walk in and she’s not exactly friendly. We have been before when there was a different guy and he was really nice and gave us advice on how to build muscle which was a refreshing change from dumb and dumber tweedledee and tweedledum.

We did our workout and came across a sign for pizza night and bagel tuesday. Also at the main desk is a bowl of frooties and toostie rolls. Why? No really why? This gym has some pretty great aspects to it but really needs to hit the lunk alarm on itself for promoting bad eating at a gym.



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